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If You Are Running a Hotel and Don’t Have a POS System – You`ll Need to Read This

Hotels are probably one of the hardest businesses to run, especially if it’s one that has many amenities because that just adds on to the list of things that need to fit and work together seamlessly. This is where point of sales systems come into play, and while having many options can be a great thing, sometimes it can definitely be a little overwhelming and stressful so to help make the decision a bit easier, in this article we have put together a few of the best hotel POS systems that are really worth your time.

Vend HQ

This POS system is a cloud-based one, it can be used in retail and it has been geared towards brick-and-mortar stores. And if you are wondering how a retail POS would be useful in a hotel, then that is a good question and the answer is that it would be perfect to use in any gift shop that operates out of a hotel. The software can accept payments, manage inventory and provide some great and really helpful analytical business insights, amongst all of the other features that it offers. The system has been highly praised for its ease in, both, use and set up and also for the reports that the software produces. Users also love the system because of the inventory management system that is pretty straightforward.

eZee BurrP! Restaurant POS

Even though you see the word restaurant in the name of this point of sales system, you need to remember that every hotel has a restaurant which makes this system perfect for, both, small and large hotels. With this POS you will be able to manage the banquet and table reservations, it can handle multiple menus, it can split checks between guests, it allows you to create different rates and taxes, it has a great inventory management and stock management and much more. The only thing that may be considered a con is the something that we mentioned before, and that is that it is meant for restaurants, which means you can only use it in food and beverage amenities.


Bepoz has already been used for 30 years and has over 5000 thousand installation and is a truly reliable hotel POS system. Something that is also great about this software is that it also specializes in POS systems across multiple different industries such as amusement parks, retirement communities, coffee shops and so on, which only further proves the reliability. If you choose to go for this POS system then you will get benefits like customizable screens, the option to create gift cards and vouchers for your customers, you will have control over the cash and the stock, you will be able to schedule promotions such as happy hours, and something that is very important is that it has an offline mode which will allow the system to work even if there is a network outage.

Three different point of sales systems that offer completely different benefits for different parts of the hotel. The good thing is that you now have them in front of you and you can easily decide which one is the perfect one for you and which one will fulfill the needs of your hotel.

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