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Are iPad POS Systems the Right or Wrong Choice for Business – Find Out Now

Most of the time people choose to commit to something just because they see that it worked for someone else. However when you are a business owner you simply cannot allow yourself to go with the trends without seeing what those trends might do to your business and that is exactly the case with iPad [...]

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Cloud-Based Point of Sales Systems – Are They Useful for Business?

You’ve probably noticed that cloud computing has been all over the place over the last few years and it is the same case with point of sales systems. When it comes to these systems, it is really easy to assume that the only choices you have are either the traditional cash register or a cloud-based [...]

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If You Are Running a Hotel and Don’t Have a POS System – You`ll Need to Read This

Hotels are probably one of the hardest businesses to run, especially if it’s one that has many amenities because that just adds on to the list of things that need to fit and work together seamlessly. This is where point of sales systems come into play, and while having many options can be a great [...]

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